(March 2012) World Tea Production Festival

 Festival Report by the Wazuka Culture Committee

Opening Statements from the Mayor of Wazuka <March 10, 2012>


Blessed with fine weather today in Wazuka, the renowned production region of Uji Green Tea,

we are very and proud to open the World Tea Festival for the first time ever!

Banding together under the theme "To promote global tea culture from tea fields," this event is 

supported by the Japanese Trade and Industry Ministry, which helps back the activities of the 

International Tea Farms Cooperative, including today’s special event. Today’s festival will be presided 

over by the member of the “Tea University,” Mr. Mistsuzumi Yukiko. 

This greeting was delivered by the Mayor of Wazuka, Mayor Horita Dao. 

“As a firm believer in the importance of spreading Japanese tea throughout the world, I found it 

particularly heartening when members of the Wazuka community conceived the International Tea 

Cooperative. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the 3/11 Disaster in Japan. I have been often 

reminded of the importance of human bonds in these trying times, and as for me, Tea will be the 

medium which reinforces and builds such bonds.” -- Mayor Dao. 

In all, if not a Utopia, Wauka is certainly a Teatopia. The importance of tea to a rich, culturally 

wealthy, society, was aptly expressed in this greeting. 



Continuing, the leader of the International Tea Cooperative, Matsumoto Yasuharu, took the 


After outlining the plans for the event, “The real intent of this event is for each and every 

individual who travelled here today. Call out to those you don’t know, and let us strive to create new 

bonds between us. Let us call out to one another, rather than ‘kon-nichiwa,’ ‘Tea-nichiwa!’” With this, 

a murmur spread through the crowd as people here and there tried this new greeting on their lips. 


The event grounds includes three tea pavilions and small villages. 

Allow me to explain the event grounds. Rather than calling them Tents, let us say there are 

Teants. The First Teant is the Global Tea Tasting Area. The Second location is, a live performance venue 

featuring tea-themed music and performing arts. The third is, traditional Japanese comedy, tea 

ceremony, brush paintings, western painting, and other cultural experiences, set up in a place for 

lectures and speeches concerning the tea industry. In the large spaces between these huts, you can also 

enjoy tea themed food at a variety of several food stalls. 

Even after the opening ceremony thusly concluded, the number of people continued to swell.


Traditional “Tea Maidens” greeted customers arriving at the registration desk. The Tea maidens 

make Tea name cards for guests. They write the customers name, home town, and favorite tea on a full 

sized piece of paper. Hanging this around your neck is the appropriate way to show yourself off. That way, it’s easy for everyone to greet you with the special, ‘tea-nichiwa!’ greeting! The world tea festival 

is about much more than just drinking tea; it is a chance to meet other people and expand circles of 



In this spirit, an unprecedented tea-themed event officially kicked-off! 


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