Merchants・Staff Recruitment


Would you like to join in helping to make an exciting Teatopia Festival with us?
Coming this November in Wazuka, we are holding the Teatopia Tea Festival! We are
looking to revive our long-held and much adored “Green Festival,” and we are constantly
striving to increase the appeal of our activities. Therefore, we like to view the festival from the
perspective that rather than Wazuka presenting to the outside world, it is rather that during the
time surrounding the festival, and most certainly during the two day festival, we can count on
the population of Wazuka swelling tremendously, as we are all one community connected
through tea.

With that in mind, wouldn’t you like to join in making Wazuka history with us?


 Recruitment Positions Guidelines:


Food Court Shops: Sat 11/3 and Sun 11/4
All things tea at the food court! Since the core concept of the festival is “All kinds of tea,” foods should
focus on incorporating tea leaves, (macha, sencha, houjicha, black tea, oolong tea, Pu-erh tea etc) into
the dishes. This is not necessary for all of the dishes, but the main dishes should feature some kind of
tea. These dishes will help with our PR. Additionally, since we striving to give all of the customers a
good time, let’s work to coordinate the menus as much as possible.


 Tea Tasting Booth’s: Sat 11/3 and Sun 11/4

The tea tasting booths will incorporate over 40 types of tea from different regions, including outside of
Japan. If there is any tea you wish to introduce to the public, please don’t hesitate to contact us.








Stage Performances: Sat 11/3 and Sun 11/4
Stage Performances are scheduled to run both days between 10 AM and 4 PM. Any and all
performances related to tea or the other activities of this festival are welcome.






Activities and Demonstrations involving Tea: Sat 11/3 and Sun 11/4

Seminars, Demonstrations, and Activities involving tea are scheduled both days between 10 AM
and 5 PM. These include a diverse range of activities such as tea grinding, tea-aroma candle making,
proper tea brewing methods, and traditional tea songs and dances. If you are thinking “I really want to
do this” or “I wonder if this is acceptable….,” please don’t hesitate to contact us!








Festival Volunteer Staff: Sat 11/3 and Sun 11/4 *11/2 (already full )

We are looking for staff to bring everything together and get the Teatopia festival off the ground! Since
we are attempting to pull off a festival on a large scale this year, we are looking for a surplus of 100
volunteers. Old, young, male, female, Japanese, non-Japanese – none of that matters. It’s our passion
and we will make this happen. If you are interested in being a volunteeer, don’t hesitate to
contact us!


Contact Information:

Obubu Tea Plantations: 0774-78-2911 Weekdays 9- PM 5. After Thursdays, try calling Matsumoto-san
directly at 090-6129-6184. Email: or