Let's Make a Rocket Stove ! ! Free Demonstration !

Let’s Make a Rocket Stove! Free Demonstration!

☆What is a Rocket Stove?☆
A rocket Stove is a small heating stove which uses kindling as fuel.
A rocket stove is designed to efficiently use a very small amount of fuel to produce the
largest amount of heat energy.
Thus, the rocket stove has become popular in regions which are not heavily wooded, and in
developing countries. In Japan, the convenience and efficiency of the stove has made it
more popular in recent years. It has been used in relief camps in Japan after the March 11th
disaster in 2011.
NOVEMBER 4th at 1:00 PM: Real-time Demonstration of how to make a DIY Rocket Stove.
Small kindling and leaves which would normally be thrown away can be turned into fuel. Such
things surround us all the time, do they not?
In addition to producing a splendid fire, a rocket stove can be used just like a normal gas
If you wish to make your own rocket stove to take home with you, please bring the following
Tools and Materials:

  •  2 Large Steel Cans (Paint Cans etc)

  •  1 stainless steel pipe which can be fashioned into a chimney

  •  2 Bendable L-Bend Cylinders (about 6 inches in length, expanded, 120mm diameter)

  •  Pyrite, 50 Litres. Sold as Sand at Hardware Stores.

  •  Aluminum Tape and Steel Wire, any gauge. Used to Attach Buckets together.

While using these stoves as cooking devices, a lecture on their design and construction will
be delivered. The Entry Fee will be: 1000 Tea Festival Dollars, (Found in your Pamphlet, given to you upon
entry into the Festival)
The demonstration will take place on November 4th only, but pizza cooked with a rocket stove will be
available on November 3rd, at the normal charge.
Anyone interested in participating is welcome; please see us on the festival day!