Tea Field Tours '13茶畑ツアー

It is boring to simply drink the tea! Since you have come to Wazuka, you must try to see the tea fields. That being said, we will guide you on a tour. There are many ways to participate on the tour in Wazuka, such as walking, bike rentals and buses. Come experience where tea was born for yourself!



The Schedule for Tea Tour’s on 11/03 and 11/04 is as follows: 

A・B・C Courses

1st Run 10:30~

2nd Run 12:30~

3rd Run PM 02:30~

D Course (Due to Popularity of the D course, Openings only available for 11/04).

1st Run 10:30~

2nd Run PM 01:30~

◆Participation Fee: 300 Tea Credits 

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【A Course】

◯Tea Fields, River, and Stone Buddha Course

Time: About 1.5 Hours. 

Distance: 3 Km/ 1.8 miles

Walk on the deer paths between tea fields. Along the way we pass the Wazuka River, and a famous 

stone Buddha monument. This course traces the layers of Wazuka’s history and prized nature. 

【B Course】

◯Tea Fields and the Burial Site of Medieval Prince

Time: About 1.5 hours. 

Distance: 2.5 km / 1.5 mi. 

This is an easy to walk course. We follow the roads which surround tea fields, and visit the burial 

mount of a medieval Japanese prince. This course also focuses on the intersection of nature and 

history.【In-and-Out Course】

◯Tensora Café Course

Time: About 40 minutes

Distance: 1.3 km / 0.8 mi

A simple, relaxing, tour. Enjoy looking at the tea fields around the Tensora café as a sort excursion 

away from the crowds. 

【SPECIAL D Course】

◯Bus Course 

Time: 1.5 Hours

Distance: 15 km by Bus, 1 km walking

Enjoy the beautiful scenery on a bus tour! We will go up on themountain ranges around Wazuka which 

support some of the finest tea fields. From these ridges, you can even see Lake Biwako. We will 

travel upwards of 600 m (1800 ft) altitude. 

Regretfully, the Online Reservation Period is Closed.

Please make reservations on the Festival Day. 






















花苗、花鉢、コケ玉、プリザーブドフラワーコサージュ 他……ANZZI 
花球根、花苗、面芸様資材 他……株式会社カド
花球根、花苗、面芸様資材 他……株式会社カド
木工ろくろの木製食器……木地屋 小田
竹炭、竹酢液、竹細工品……工房 京竹炭