What is Teatopia/ Chagenkyo Festival?茶源郷まつりとは?茶源郷まつりとは?

Chagenkyo Festival is an ancient agricultural festival that was first called the "Green Fest". Over time it has taken many different forms and has been held annually for almost 30 years. Over the past two years, the festival has blossomed into a wonderful event that not only educates, but makes you appreciate the art of tea. People from all over the world travel to Japan to attend either as volunteers, sponsors, exhibitors, performers, or even as guests.  Activities for this year's itinerary include two days worth of tea ceremonies, tea exhibitions, tea farm tours, food vendors, children games, and EVERYTHING tea, all taking place at Wazuka Sports Park, in the beautiful countryside of Wazuka, Kyoto prefecture, in Japan! Don't miss this fun-filled event! Admission is FREE!    


The Teatopia festival takes place in Wazuka, where Uji tea was born 800 years ago.
The festival was initiality created to spread the charm og tea to the world.
Tea retailers from around the world come together to sell tea specialities and delicacies, organise tea field tours and take part in other unique festivities.
Join us at the Teatopia Festival to enjoy a life changing and unique experience whilst you savour a cup of tea amongst Wazuka's beautiful green tea fields.